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The knitwear “b a r b a r a k w a t e r” are classic and sophisticated, with easy comfortable silhouettes and beautiful details. They are natural, feminine and poetic.
All our garments are “fully fashioned knitwear” by knitting each parts component exactly to the shape required for each pattern piece on manual knitting machines and by hand.
This method of manufacturing is generally used for luxurious fibres, such as merino, lambswool or cashmere.
We love to mix textures, yarns and handicraft techniques.

The founder of the studio is Barbara Kwater. She was born in Wroclaw, where she had completed her MA and MBA. For many years, she was working with large Polish companies. However, she came from a family naturally tied to the arts. Her mother was a milliner while her grandmother spent all her free time weaving tapestry. Many of the family friends, even before World War 2, had studied painting and history of arts. From her childhood, she painted, sewed, made sweaters, done embroidery. She terrorized everyone with her passion, and it was beneath her scissors where her mother's finest dresses met their fate. She loves textiles. For years now, she has been gathering knowledge on fabrics made out of wool.She founded her first atelier in 2007, in Prague, Czech Republic. At present, she is focused on knitwear. She likes being called an artisan. She's full of passion and loves Normandy and the small town in which she presently livesIn her studio she dyes, spins, weaves, knits and sews. She uses only the finest of materials, caring about their quality. She loves clean form, prizes Cubism and turns to it for inspiration. White and black are the dominant colors in her work, as bases upon which many stylistic combinations can be made. She creates all her projects personally, making them limited in number.France is her second home and homeland, consciously chosen at senior age.   

Why we love wool?
The history of wool is as long as the history of civilization. For years, thousands of hands took care with it. By taking care of wool, we are part of this tradition. Wool is one of the most prized and noble of textiles. Its natural properties allow it to absorb large amounts of moisture and keeping the skin fresh and dry. It protects from freezing and overheating. Thanks to the chemical composition of its fibers, it reduces unpleasant smell. It's pleasantly nice to touch, soft and comfortable to wear. Wool is biodegradable, doesn't burn and forms a natural barrier against UV radiation.

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